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These key players in our community have publicly voiced their endorsement of Joe as the next Berkeley County Prosecutor! As the election gets closer and Joe receives more endorsements, this page will continue to update.

West Virginia Troopers Association

West Virginia Deputy Sheriffs' Association

West Virginia Citizens Defense League

Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney: Dan James


Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney: Matt Harvey

Retired Martinsburg City Police Chief George Swartwood

Katie Spriggs: Executive Director of Eastern Panhandle Empowerment Center (EPEC)(Formerly Martinsburg Women's Shelter

"As an assistant prosecutor, Joe has always been so intentional about how he handles cases involving trauma survivors. Joe ensures that the survivors needs are centered and that the case moves as trauma informed and survivor centered as possible. For some of the most under reported crimes, this impact cannot be under appreciated. This intentional care during these prosecutions changes the game for survivor’s everywhere, knowing that they can come forward to a safe environment.”  - Katie Spriggs

Delegate Charles "Chuck" Horst, District 95 (Berkeley)

"I am confident he will execute the duties of the office of prosecutor fairly, and without bias, which is exactly what we want in a prosecutor. Mr. Kinser has done an excellent job as assistant prosecutor and he will continue do an excellent job as Berkeley County Prosecutor! I proudly endorse Mr. Kinser for Berkeley County Prosecutor!" -Del. Charles Horst

Kinser for Prosecutor Committee
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